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The best way to start the day...

Mornings are without a doubt my favourite time of day. Partially because breakfast foods are the best and partially because I am definitely a morning lark kind of person. But mainly because mornings are when I set aside time to really hang out with God.
I love waking up and starting my day by talking to, reading about and hearing from Him. I love learning new things I didn’t know; I love to praise and worship Him in song; I love how scripture can calm my anxious heart. I love talking to God – about what we’ll get up to in the day, about what’s on my heart and what’s on His. I love reading a devotional which my mind keeps going back to through the day.
I’ve been reading Streams in the Desert this past year and absolutely loving it!
But, folks, there’s something I’m really excited about…
I’ve been reading The Lipstick Gospel by Stephanie Wilson for a few years and have been so encouraged and challenged (in a good way!) and inspired by her love for Jesus and others and how to live life to the …

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